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"Creating a single voice to promote
the multiple benefits of biogas in South Africa"

Last News

It has been brought to the SABIA Steering Committee’s attention that there are bogus Biogas Training courses being offered in the market.
The SABIA Steering Committee is working hard to try and validate all courses that are offered in South Africa, by any organisation.
All training courses that have been validated by the SABIA Steering Committee will be encouraged to mention that the particular course has been endorsed by SABIA.
If you are involved with Biogas training please make contact with SABIA.
Should you be aware of any Biogas training courses that are being offered in the market, please bring this to SABIA’s attention.

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About Us

The association was formed by a core group of interested and affected parties out of a common need for active representation of the biogas industry in South Africa.

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What is Biogas?

Biogas is a Renewable energy source produced through the breakdown of organic matter in an absence of oxygen.

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All requirements have been satisfied for SABIA to be an officially constituted association.

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