The association was formed by a core group of interested and affected parties out of a common need for active representation of the biogas industry in South Africa.

Until recently there has been no single body to represent the interests of the members of this diverse industry segment. That will soon change.

The first AGM of the association was held in 2014, important agenda items included the election of a Chairman as well as the admin team and a Steering Committee responsible for attaining the goals of the association. The constitution was formally adopted, making SABIA an officially incorporated association.

The 2018 SABIA AGM saw the following members elected to the SABIA Steering Committee:


Jason Gifford

Vice Chairman
Eddie Cooke

Horst Unterlechner

Rob Cloete

Steering Committee:

Alberto Borello
Darius Boschoff
David Cornish
David Sobey
Gordon Ayres
Terence Sundgren

SABIA intends to promote the needs of industry stakeholders, paving the way to a fruitful and prosperous Biogas industry in Southern Africa, benefiting the geographic region economically as well as contributing to sustainability.

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