These are laws and regulatory frameworks that have an impact on the development of the biogas sector.

National Environmental Management Act (NEMA 2008 as Amended)
The Act as amended, stipulates a number of environmental governance issues and related matters. The act provided principles for decision-makers and set procedures for government officials involved in environmental management. The amended acts further elaborate on sectoral environmental matters, such as waste management, air pollution etc. Download

Electricity Act (41 of 1987)
The act provides for electricity generation and electricity supply in the country. The Act further confirms the role of electricity board (energy regulator). The electricity act stipulates that energy generation in the country can be from various and different supply sources. Download

Electricity Regulation Act (4 of 2006)
The electricity regulation act provides for the regulation of new electricity generation capacity in the country, including electricity generation from renewable energy sources. The regulations set minimum standards and requirements for power purchase agreements. They further set the framework for the IPP procurement and related agreements to be concluded. Download

Municipal Finance Management Act (56 of 2003)
The Act makes provision financial and investment provision for Municipalities, its related institution. The act stipulates the required financial relationship between private investors and municipalities.  The investors in municipalities need to familiarise themselves with this act and its related treasury regulations. Download

Public Finance Management Act (1 of 1999)
Most of the developmental institutions which are the biggest funders of biogas development in the country are governed through the Public Finance Management Act. Potential biogas developers will have to familiarise themselves with the provision of this Act, to assist them in their investment decisions. Download