National Biogas Platform is a multi-stakeholder forum on biogas, convened by the Department of Energy and SABIA and hosted by GIZ, which serves as a secretariat and facilitator for the platform. It is comprised of representatives from different government departments, private sector companies, investors, financiers, academics, researcher, non-governmental organizations, etc.

The Aims of the National Biogas Platform are:

  • To facilitate the ENGAGEMENT OF ALL RELATED STAKEHOLDERS in the biogas sector;
  • To promote the BIOGAS INDUSTRY development;
  • To address the LESSONS LEARNED from existing projects;
  • To assess the CURRENT AND FUTURE REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS in order to make regulations conducive for the development of the sector;
  • To reveal and bundle the existing FINANCING OPTIONS for biogas.

National Biogas Platform convenes regular meetings to review on-going work and development of biogas sector. The Platform serves as a sounding board for policy development on biogas. The reports of these meetings are available on this webpage.

The National Biogas Platform has a number of working groups, which includes; the Commercial Viability Working Group, Licensing and Technical Standards Working Group, Information Gathering and Communication Working Group, Vehicular Biogas Working Group, Rural Digesters Working Group, Use of Digestate Working Group.  Working groups serve as a resource to the National Biogas Platform; providing technical inputs, research support and continuous feedback on developments in their respective focal areas. The working groups have presented working reports to the National Biogas Platform meetings.

The National Biogas Platform assists in convening the National Biogas Conference, to date two highly successful National Biogas Conferences have been hosted in 2013 and 2015.