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Now that membership has officially opened up, the list below encompasses all those who have paid their membership fees for the current year. Their contact details and a short biography is also available.  Use the filter below, to narrow down your search for a member.

Corporate Sponsors

Xergi A/S
+45 30 94 86 32

My position at Xergi A/S is Project Developer and Sales Manager.
Xergi A/S is an EPC Contractor with more than 30 years experience and more than 60 plants (80MWe) installed.
I am responsible for the projects from the definition of the biomasses until the scope has been defined and the contract has been signed. One of the markets I am responsible for is South Africa and the neighboring countries.
Let me know what feedstock you have access to, and we will quickly give you an idea of what size biogasplant you can feed, how much gas/electricity you can produce and what it will cost you. We will give you a gauranteed number for your gasproduction.

Corporate Members

021 702 4058

GCX specialise in the design and implementation of alternative waste strategies and solutions with one goal: zero waste to landfill. Among others our services include waste to energy, waste to food, waste treatment solutions, waste audits, integrated waste management plans, waste alternatives and beatification and on site training and development.

We’re a passionate team with decades of experience in developing business models that work. We spend our time connecting dots between strategy, legal compliance, profitability, and innovative solutions on the ground.


ibert started by cooperation between the Austrian based Bio4gas Express Rector Technology company (bert) the commercial leg of Innsbruck University and South African energy specialist Otto Hager.
In 2012 an opportunity to convert bio-waste as an abattoir in Jan Kempdorp into a biogas plant. This pilot project created the foundation for ibert
The “I” in ibert is a word play on my as the bert reactors has a relative small footprint and can be installed onsite at the source of waste. So ibert is my bert rector.
The formation of ibert offers clients access to more than 40 years of experience of specialist in the biogas industry like Dr Insam and Dr Wett.
Our Technical Director Mr Horst Unterlechner was a vast experience based with more than 70 operational sites in Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy, France UK.

ibert installed 7 biogas plant all over South Africa with various electricity output and different feedstock.

+27 861 ENERGY
+27 31 764 7914

FGE has established itself as a leading landfill gas contractor in Southern Africa, specialising in anaerobic digestion, biogas to electricity and biogas upgrading for the production of biomethane and carbon dioxide.
FGE offers full turnkey solutions to Municipalities, private companies, investors and finance organisations, from initial concept design through to detailed design, E.I.A., construction and commissioning of the plant to operation and maintenance.
FGE may also assist in providing finance sourcing and CDM project registration.


BINDER provides state of the art biogas monitoring equipment. Robust, flexible and maintenance friendly products to measure gas flow and analyze gas composition, specifically developed for the use in biogas applications.


Renew has more than 100 years’ collective experience in landfill and biogas delivery. Renew offers “turn-key” skid-mounted gas management and delivery solutions that can be connected to the gas source and deliver conditioned gas for utilisation. Technology involved in this process includes:
• Spiral folded steel AD and bulk storage tanks
• Membrane gas holders
• Gas flares
• Gas chillers/dehumidifiers
• Gas conditioning equipment to remove Sulphur and Siloxanes in landfill and biogas
• Gas blowers/boosters to increase gas delivery pressure
• Continuous gas analysers, flow meters & safety equipment– critical to plant operation, monitoring and CDM

In addition to the supply of equipment, Renew can add excellent value to any biogas and landfill gas project by means of oversight and assistance in mitigating potential issues that arise during project implementation.

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